Learning is Fun!

Age: 9 months till 18 months
Teacher Child Ratio: 1:6

This program is designed for our youngest children, with the aim that they take their first tentative steps outside the home and experience a world of fun, excitement, adventure and discovery!

Parents can choose from multiple enrollment options based on their requirements. An adult guardian must accompany the children at all times. During our 1 ½ hour’s session the children gain exposure to a wide spectrum of activities like stories, music, art and craft, indoor-outdoor play and a healthy snack.

For both, the children and the adults, it is a time of bonding and fun!

These activities expose the children to new stimuli and experiences that awaken their curiosity, inspire their imagination and broaden their horizons.


Settling is Easy!

Age: 18 months till 2 years
Teacher Child Ratio: 1:6

Our tiny toddlers first experience independent time away from home as they step into the Play Group Program. Parents are requested to adhere to the Settling Guidelines to minimize the anxiety faced by them and the children.

At this age, we lay emphasis on exposing the children to an experiential learning environment where they enjoy exciting playtimes, creative new experiences and understand that school is fun! We introduce and guide the children in activities designed to enhance their motor development and social skills, and also set the framework for the curriculum of the Pre-Nursery program. Our teacher child ratio ensures that while in school no child ever feels neglected or alone.


Small Steps Towards Soaring Goals!

Age: 2 years till 3 years
Teacher Child Ratio: 1:8

Children take their first significant academic strides in Play-Nursery. In this program, they gain an introduction to numerous concepts aimed at key developmental domains, integrated to promote their progress towards preparation for formal school.

Themes and tools are used for language development in both English and Hindi. Beginning with scribbling, the children develop fine motor and pre-writing skills, progressing to pattern writing. Mathematical concepts get sharpened through problem solving and numerous structured constructs. Scientific concepts are introduced, with awareness and knowledge about their own selves, as well as, of the vast world and environment in which they live. The children are encouraged to exercise their imagination and creativity through activities based on art and craft, role-play and theatre. Children enjoy multiple sports and outdoors activities aimed at enhancement of Gross Motor Skills, and also to introduce the concepts of team-work and fair play.

Cohesive progress along these significant domains, within a nurturing, happy environment, is the goal of the Play-Nursery program. The children blossom and thrive, and become ready for their next steps towards formal school.


Learning takes on new dimensions!

Age: 3 years till 4 years
Teacher Child Ratio: 1:10

Our Pre-School program offers children a decisive stepping-stone into the world of formal education. Our skilled teachers create an environment where academic teaching, emergence of creativity and development of personality – all take on a parallel focus; thereby laying the foundation for sound character development of the children in the years to come.

A strong foundation in both English and Hindi language development is established. As their Comprehension and Fine Motor Skills improve the children progress from listening and speaking to reading and writing. Children’s knowledge of Mathematics expands to include addition, subtraction and other constructs. Using an integration of observation, sensory stimulation and hands-on experimentation they explore the World of Science.

The Pre-Schoolers exercise their imagination and creativity with diverse Art and Craft activities and also indulge in dress-up role-play fun, dramatics and decorating activities. Gross Motor Skill development takes place through activities such as yoga, swimming, sports, dance and outdoors free playtime.

In this program emphasis is laid on the development of self-confidence and a natural ability for friendly social interactions with peers and elders, while also imbibing the spirits of team-work and leadership. The values of honesty, putting others before self, politeness, waiting for one’s turn and road etiquette are encouraged and appreciated.

In essence, our aim is bring forth a new generation of confident responsible citizens to this world.

Extended Child Care

Home away from home!

Age: 12 months +
Timings: Monday till Saturday - 9am to 7pm
Teacher Child Ratio: 1:12

Oxford Kids Extended Child Care offers a secure, comforting day care environment, attended to by our team of dedicated, reliable professional care providers. Within the confines of our snug, homely setting children get the freedom to learn, relax and grow.

A meticulously planned schedule keeps the children occupied - from circle time to outside play, letter and number time to puzzles and library fun, song and rhymes to computer time, yoga and aerobics to art, craft and origami! At Oxford Kids the days are busy and the fun endless!

Our children enjoy balanced meals, fruit, milk and healthy snacks. We avoid processed and packaged foods and encourage the children to maintain a healthy approach towards meals and snacks. The day care facility can be availed for time periods of 1 to 6 hours, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We are open six days of the week, Monday-Saturday.

The entire approach is to maintain a careful balance in the day that allows the children to participate in diverse activities, while having ample time for rest and recuperation.

Activity Hub

Oxford Kids offers a range of exciting and challenging activities for children ages 3 years - 15 years. The diverse gamut of learning experiences encompass chess, art & painting, vedic maths, robotics, music, dance, speech & drama, leadership and confidence building, cooking, skating, and various sports coaching.

The above classes are conducted by carefully selected experts, and aim at providing the children with recreation, along with, meaningful instruction in the respective fields.

For further information regarding any specific activity please contact the school office.

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